Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Degree level: 
Bachelor of Science
Tom Lee
Phone Number: 
(603) 862-3791

The environmental conservation and sustainability (ECS) major gives students a broad, interdisciplinary background for developing their understanding of environmental and resource problems and what is needed to solve them. It also provides a solid foundation for the development of critical thinking skills. The program is designed to ensure that graduates possess broad-based integrated knowledge of how local and global ecological systems work as well as an understanding of the interdependency between people and the environment. Building on a solid natural science base, students discover how political, institutional, and economic systems relate to environmental quality and learn ways to sustainably manage human activities within the constraints of the Earth’s ecological systems. Students acquire a set of basic skills and problem solving tools that enable them to tackle complex environmental conservation problems. Graduates will have gained hands-on practical experience integrating and applying their accumulated knowledge and skills in real world situations.